Sodium Saccharin Anhydrous

Sodium saccharin, also known as soluble saccharin, is the sodium salt of saccharin, with two crystal waters, colorless crystals or slightly white crystalline powder, generally contains two crystal waters, easy to lose crystal water to become anhydrous saccharin, It is white powder, odorless or slightly fragrant, with strong sweet and bitter taste. The sweetness is about 500 times that of sucrose. It has weak heat and alkali resistance, and the sweet taste gradually disappears when heated under acidic conditions, and the solution is more than 0.026% and the taste is bitter.
The sweetness of saccharin sodium is 300 to 500 times that of sucrose, and it is very stable in various feed and food production processes.

1. The product is white or almost white powder with good fluidity, stability and no lumps.
2. Special craftsmanship, pure sweetness, no peculiar smell, safe and non-toxic side effects, both fragrance, good smell, good pleasure, and can enhance food attraction.
3. The sweetness stays for a long time, the taste is good, it can achieve the effect that saccharin can’t reach, the sweetness is high, the dosage is small, and the price is high.
Main function
1. Improve the palatability of feed, stimulate the animal’s sense of taste, make it produce strong appetite, increase feed intake, and promote growth.
2. Cover peculiar smell. This product can effectively cover or slow down the bad smell of certain components of feed, improve feed quality from the sense of smell, enhance animal appetite, and increase feed intake.
3. Provide continuous sweetness and fragrance, improve the overall palatability of the feed, improve the flavor and mouthfeel of the feed, thereby enhancing animal appetite, increasing feed intake, and expanding feed sales.
4. Improve the performance of feed products, apply this product to give a good label to the feed, improve its quality level and market competitiveness, expand sales, and obtain satisfactory economic benefits.

Instructions for use
It is recommended to add 100 grams per ton to the compound feed for piglets, suckling pigs, and complete feed. It can be appropriately increased or decreased according to specific conditions such as feed formula, animal species and age, season, regional characteristics, market preferences, etc. The amount of concentrated feed and premix should be estimated according to this ratio, and the premix is even when used.

1. First use part of the soybean meal and this product to pre-mix, and then add it to other proportionally matched raw materials, and then mix evenly, not directly fed;
2. Use up as soon as possible after opening the package, otherwise it will be sealed and stored;
3. If the appearance of the product changes slightly, it will not affect the product quality and use effect;
4. Do not use inferior or adulterated feed ingredients.

Storage conditions and methods
This product should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature, and avoid mixing with other bad smell substances.

Uses: Mainly used in feed, beverages, flavoring and diagnostic drugs, and widely used in electroplating industry and cosmetics.

1. Feed additives: pig feed, sweeteners, etc.
2. Food: general cold drinks, beverages, jelly, popsicles, pickles, preserves, pastries, preserved fruits, meringues, etc. Used in the food industry and diabetics to sweeten their diet, it is a commonly used synthetic sweetener.
3. Daily chemical industry: toothpaste, mouthwash, eye drops, etc.
4. Electroplating industry: Electroplating grade sodium saccharin is mainly used for electroplating nickel, which is used as a brightener. Adding a small amount of sodium saccharin can improve the brightness and flexibility of electroplated nickel.
5. The current mixed feed additives are 80-100 mesh products, which are easy to mix evenly.

Post time: May-19-2021